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Updated 11/15/2010


PLEASE COPY/PASTE into an email and send to If you have trouble copy/pasting, contact Wayeh and we will send this in an email to you.

Wayeh Puppy Application
30748 Rhea Co Hwy - Spring City TN 37381 - 423-365-6039 –

This is long, yes, we readily admit that.
But we will need to cover all these questions when we talk. So this gives you the chance to give thoughtful answers. You are adding a new member of the family. You should expect nothing less than thoroughness and care in our breeding decisions, whelping, rearing, and socializing of the puppy, and certainly it's placement into a permanent home.  

We will use these answers to MATCH you with a puppy.  If you have a sedate, calm home, you probably don't want an energizer bunny puppy.  Conversely, if you got to soccer matches every Saturday, drag puppy to the park, or have people in and out of your home at all hours, you probably don't want the softer puppy either.

Your Information
Street Address: 
City, State, Zip:
Email Address: 
Website Address: http://
Home phone number: 
Mobile phone number: 
Emergency Contact Name & Number: 
How did you find us? (Specifically, please) 
Sorry, have to ask, are you over 18-years-old? 

Which is the closest International airport? (if puppy will be shipped)

Do you understand that giving false information on the application is considered a violation of the contract?

Do you understand that a puppy is not reserved for you without an approved application AND deposit?

Household Information
How many adults reside in the home, part- or full-time? 
Ages of children that reside in the home, part- or full-time?
Do all adults in the household know about, and wish to purchase, this puppy? 
Is this puppy a gift for someone who does not live with you full-time? 

These questions apply to you, all members of your household, & immediate family members (Yes or No, & please explain) -- 
-- Have any of you returned a dog to a breeder or rescue? 
-- Have any of you turned a dog into a shelter? 
-- Have any of you been convicted or charged with animal cruelty? 

PLEASE CALL YOUR VET & PERSONAL REFERENCES AND LET THEM KNOW WE WILL BE CALLING.  This is important as most vets (and friends) won't give out information without your specific approval.

Mailing Address: 
Phone number: 

Personal Reference #1
Phone number: 
Why do they make a good reference for owning a dog? 

Personal Reference #2
Phone number: 
Why do they make a good reference for owning a dog? 

Personal Reference #3
Phone number: 
Why do they make a good reference for owning a dog? 


The Basics
Do you understand (Yes or No) that Wayeh puppies -- 
-- Cost = $1200 (indicated on the puppy page).  This is $400 non-refundable deposit plus the balance at 5 weeks.  
-- Come with Limited (non-breeding) AKC Registration 
-- Are microchipped by the breeder
-- Are warrantied for six (6) years against genetic diseases

Have you read (Yes or No) -- 
-- the Deposit page and understand the deposit is non-refundable?
-- Wayeh puppies are not sold until full payment is received by the breeder?

Do you understand (Yes or No) that you will arrange for your puppy to --
-- Graduate from Puppy Kindergarten class NO LATER THAN 4mo & Beginner's Obedience class NO LATER THAN 12mo?
-- Be taken IMMEDIATELY to your vet for a wellness check when it arrives home?
-- Go back to your vet in order to complete the puppy vaccination series?
-- Be on heartworm/flea/tick prevention year round?
-- Officially have the eyes/thyroid  tests done at 24 months and the results sent back to Wayeh?

In Addition, do you understand that you are REQUIRED TO -- 
-- Spay or Neuter the puppy AFTER 1 year AND have an OFA hip x-ray done at the same time.  There are behavior reasons why you should neuter as early as possible, but there are SIGNIFICANT medical & structural reasons why you should wait as long as possible to de-sex your puppy. But regardless of those, do you understand that waiting until after 1 year is REQUIRED? (updated 7/11)

(added 11/08) -- Did you read - Breeding & your Wayeh Dog

Are you interested in --
-- a male, female, or doesn't matter? 
-- our current litter of puppies or a future litter? 
Is there a specific coat pattern, color or size that you prefer in an adult dog? 
Do you understand we will not accept deposits based on coat pattern, color, or size but will try to take that into consideration as we, together, match a puppy's personality with your life?
Have you read -- 
-- the Litter Page linked from?
-- the Puppy Buyer Page & all the links?
---- What will you do about vaccinations? 
---- What diet are you planning on feeding the puppy?
---- How often do you plan on feeding the puppy?
---- Where do you plan on feeding the puppy? 
Which of the recommended books on the breed have you purchased? Plan on purchasing?

You understand (Yes or No) the puppy -- 
-- must wear your ID tags at all times so that if he escapes, a good Samaritan or animal control officer can locate you promptly?
-- will be microchipped to the breeder's kennel as a failsafe in case you can not be located?

How many hours/day will the puppy spend -- 
-- Alone? 
-- With you? 
Where will the puppy spend his time during:
-- Days? 
-- Evenings? 
-- Nights? 
-- Weekends?  
-- Holidays? 
-- Vacations? 
-- Your work or shopping? 

Health Testing-- Do you understand that (Yes or No) -- 
-- This puppy is the product of generations of health testing? 
-- The breeder tests all of her breeding dogs for hips, eyes, & thyroid? 
-- While the puppy is already anesthetized for neuter/spay, your vet will take a radiograph of the hips suitable for submission to the OFA for hip evaluation.  
-- You must have your puppy's eyes and thyroid tested after 24 months of age and provide the results back to the breeder before 30 months of age in order to ensure the next generations are also healthy and in order to fulfill your contract? 

(Added 11/08) AKC registration papers & names -- Do you understand that (Yes or No) --
-- You will have 30 days from the time of picking up puppy to decide on an AKC name for registration purposes.
-- The entire litter will be registered AFTER all the names are chosen.
-- You can call the puppy anything you like, and it may have nothing to do with the registered name.
-- AKC papers will be provided to you only AFTER the breeder receives proof of spay/neuter AND OFA hip evaluation?
-- The AKC papers will be for LIMITED (non-breeding) registration.
-- Each Wayeh litter has a THEME and the AKC registration name must incorporate that theme? for instance:

Wayeh + litter theme STAR = Wayeh Star Bright, we call Bright.  

Wayeh + litter theme WIND = Wayeh Wind Song, we call Trumpet.  

Wayeh + litter theme COWBOY/COWGIRL = Wayeh How Bout Them Cowgirls "Laredo"

Crate Training
-- Will you buy a crate for housetraining? (Yes or No) 
-- Why or why not? 
-- Where will the crate be located?

(Added 11/10) General Training & Behavior Questions
-- What things have you taught dogs to do?
-- What new things would you like to teach dogs to do?
-- What have been your biggest training or behavior problems?
-- What training or behavior problems do you anticipate with a Malamute puppy?

Your Home
-- Do you own, rent, or other?  
-- If you own, do your neighborhood covenants restrict the size of fence or type of dog you can own? 
-- If you rent, does your lease allow pets? 
-- Up to what size? 
-- Are you aware that Alaskan Malamutes are on many insurance companies Dangerous Dogs list? 
-- Are you aware that a Canine Good Citizenship (CGC) after obedience class can get the Malamute excepted by many insurance companies?
Please describe (don't laugh now):
-- Your home from the puppy's point of view: 
-- Your yard from the puppy's point of view: 
-- Your fence from the puppy's point of view:

Other Pets
-- Do you have cats? 
-- Are you aware that Malamutes in general are known for killing livestock, and small animals, especially cats? 
Please Describe:
-- Other pets in the home:  
-- How will you introduce the new puppy to the current pets:
-- Pets in the Past:  
-- Pets (besides this one) you plan on getting in the future: 
-- Other experience you've had with dogs in general and northern breeds in particular: 
-- What did you like LEAST about northern breeds:
-- What dog foods have you fed in the past or to your current dog(s)? 
-- What training classes have your current or past pets attended?

Explain shedding:
Explain bloat:

Describe expected monthly expenses for your puppy: 

Describe expected annual expenses for your puppy: 

Training & Socialization

Leash Training.  Are you aware that (Yes or No) --
-- Even with training Malamutes can generally NEVER be trusted off leash?
-- The comfort zone (when they want to be that close to you) will expand from 10 feet to a quarter acre some time in the first 4 months?
-- The comfort zone (when they want to be that close to you) will expand from a quarter acre to infinity and beyond between 4 months and 12 months?
-- This is NOT a training issue, this is a genetic heritage issue?
-- Are you sure you understand?  (smile)

Malamutes are not an easy breed. Besides all the things we love about them, they are large, strong, intelligent, opportunistic, problem-solving, and frequently pig-stubborn. For these reasons and others, appropriate socialization of a puppy is CRITICAL to the development of a happy, confident, and trustworthy adult.  The Socialization window for puppies closes permanently at 16 weeks. Puppy socialization classes between 2-4 months of age help the puppy learn to interact with puppies of its own age of different breeds, sizes, and temperaments -- and in a safe and canine-appropriate manner. 

Puppy Socialization class
-- Where will you be attending puppy socialization class (phone & contact name)? 

The most contrary things about adult dogs are jumping up, pulling on the leash, chewing inappropriately, and not coming when called. A beginner's obedience class will HELP YOU teach the puppy all of these things, plus the puppy will learn to be around, even if they don't socialize with, dogs of all ages, sizes, and breeds. 

Beginner's Obedience class
-- Where will you be attending beginner's obedience class (phone & contact name)? 

Do you plan on training in any of the following areas?
-- Advanced Obedience
-- Rally Obedience
-- Agility
-- Therapy  
-- Scootering
-- Sledding
-- Carting
-- Weight Pulling
-- Back Packing/Hiking/Camping
-- Other: 

Thanks for wading through this application. Here is the chance for you to add anything else you think is relevant.  

We will use all of the above, plus phone conversations, to match a puppy with your lifestyle, circumstances, and experience levels.  The MATCH is the best foot forward that helps you have a long, happy life with your Wayeh puppy. Please tell us everything that may be important...

-- Wayeh Kennels, Sidney Helen Sachs

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