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charger-biss.jpg (103776 bytes)

BISS CH Black Ice's High Voltage WPD WTD

Misty Pak's Gonnawanna Mush "Driver" (pic2, pic3)
X Black Ice's Winter Frost "Anya"
10-gen COI 16%, OFA Excellent, CERF
Owner Karen Taylor
Breeder/Co-Owner Shilon Bedford/Black Ice

Charger is Gandalf's littermate and Hannah's half brother.  He was Runner-Up in Malamutes at Crufts in England.  And a Best in Specialty Winner.  A Working Pack dog (backpacking) and a Working Team Dog (in harness).  The most important part, is that he did this beautifully living with another intact male.


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charger-bos-puppy.jpg (50732 bytes)
Puppy Charger

  charger-duluth.jpg (56347 bytes) charger-ns10.jpg (21909 bytes)
Charger showing

charger-gait.jpg (162111 bytes) charger-gait-b.jpg (326647 bytes)
Charger Gaiting

  charger-lead.jpg (269950 bytes) charger-wtd-b.jpg (60674 bytes) charger-wtd.jpg (84708 bytes)
Working Team Dog

  charger-leap.jpg (108369 bytes)  charger-packing-5-8-10.jpg (107420 bytes)
Working Pack Dog

  charger-wwpd-ns10.jpg (78151 bytes) charger-wwpd-ns10-b.jpg (80608 bytes) charger-wwpd-ns10-c.jpg (475938 bytes) 
Working Weightpull Dog

charger-head.jpg (81015 bytes)

tekoya-charger-sledding.jpg (125401 bytes)
Tekoya on L, Charger on R
Tekoya, 2 intact adult males who lived together constantly

charger-ad.jpg (944897 bytes)
Really big picture of Charger's finish picture, at a specialty with his 4th major and going BOS over nationally ranked specials.

charger-biss.jpg (103776 bytes)
Charger BISS, 
Ranked #7 AMCA

charger-crufts-b.jpg (44258 bytes)charger-crufts.jpg (58223 bytes)
Crufts, England
Reserve Dog Challenge Certificate
(Runner-Up to Best of Breed, 
beating 160 other Malamutes)

Short Pedigree

                      +--CH Black Ice's High Speed Chase WLDX WTDX "Chase"
                - Black Ice's Driving Force WTDX WWPD
                |     +-- Black Ice's Frozen Ingot 
         +-- Black Ice's Nocturnal Force WTD
         |      |     +--A/C CH Icelandic's Omen of Black Ice WTD WWPD
         |      -A/C CH Black Ice's Winter Obsession WTDX
         |            +-- Williwaw's Black Ice Kiviat CD WTD WWPD
  +--- Misty Pak's Gonnawanna Mush "Driver" 
  |      |            +--CH Sendaishi Kotzebue Kotokaze 
  |      |      -CH Sendaishi's Kipkandu Kiwalik ROM
  |      |      |     +--CH Kiwaliks Indian Legend 
  |      +--CH Misty Paks Northern Sizzle 
  |             |     +--CH Mushateer's Lewis Moon ROM
  |             -CH Misty Paks Toast To Nitecap ROM
  |                   +--A/C CH Nitecap's Creme De Cassis 
CH Black Ice's High Voltage "Charger"
  |                   +--A/C CH Tote-Um's Black Warrior CD WLD WWPD
  |             -CAN CH Oopik's Winter's Fury 
  |             |     +--CAN CH Oopik's Northern Light 
  |      +--BIS A/C CH Marlayne's Forty Niner A/C CD
  |      |      |     +--CH Storm Kloud's One More Time ROM
  |      |      -CAN CH Marlayne's Iceland Poppy 
  |      |            +-- Marlayne's Wintergem 
  +--- Black Ice's Winter Frost "Anya"
         |            +--CH Black Ice's High Speed Chase WLDX WTDX
         |      -BISS A/C CH Black Ice's Sudden Impact WTDX WWPD
         |      |     +-- Williwaw's Black Ice Kiviat CD WTD WWPD
         +--CH Black Ice's Autumn Splendor 
                |     +--CH Sendaishi's Diamond Jim WTDX
                - Misty Paks Worth A Lick 
                      +--CH Misty Paks Hot Ticket

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