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Weaver's Bend
Moderate - 2 Paws Up (out of 3)
(First half is EASY, second half is HARD)

Directions to start:
I-40 from Knoxville, TN towards Asheville, NC
Left Hand Newport exit ____
Take Hwy 25/Hwy 70 
Watch odometer.  Apx mile 19
Weaver's Bend. is marked on the LEFT right BEFORE the bridge across the French Broad River.
Turn LEFT on Weaver's Bend.  
Follow road 3 miles to right turn across bend and SIGN that says Weaver's Bend - with arrow.
Follow road 2 miles to parking lot -- KEEP GOING.
Cross Rail Road Tracks.
Take SECOND left after tracks, follow road .5 miles down to the river and parking under trees. This is old settlement area/camping area right ON THE RIVER.

10 miles - Graveled/Dirt/Rocky small hills for 3 miles.  Last 2 miles is perfectly flat and groomed.  We guess 200 feet elevation change bottom to top.

From Settlement Area. , .5 miles to RR tracks/gravel parking lot.

MILE .5-2.5
Flat for the most part, very gentle rolling hills until you get to the bridge.

MILE 2.5-5
Turn LEFT at bridge.  Hills, dirt, gravel, some switchbacks.  Rhododendrum, hardwood, conifer forests, along the river bank for the most part.  SIX more bridges to the top and Hwy 107.

MILE 6-10
Reverse Route.

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