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RMB (Raw Meaty Bones) like chicken frames/wings/necks, turkey wings/necks. or pork necks are the staples of the BARF diet.  They get 2-3 days of RMBs followed by 1 day of glop.  Glop is made up of everything except RMBs -- like muscle meat, organ meat, veggies, fruits, and supplements.  


If you are feeding 100% free-range whole animals raised on organic grains and grasses and not on depleted soils, and your dogs didn't have extra exercise requirements, you might not need any supplements at all.  I can't afford free range or organic, and can't find much in the way of whole animals raised that way, so I supplement to fill in any gaps. 

Winter Glop

Because we are winter exercisers, and tend to get fat in the lazy summer months, we increase the FREQUENCY of meals in the working winter months, and add more Oils/fats.  At peak, the team runs 10-20 miles/day, 5 days/week.  They need a little extra.  But they aren't anywhere close to the level of a competitive racing team. And they don't live in the arctic.

Basic Glop

This recipe sounds like I do it all that day.  In reality, I make it up ahead of time and freeze in 8-quart containers to be thawed the night before GLOP day.  We're feeding 6 athletic sled dogs and 5 growing puppies with this recipe.  The adults get this twice/week, the puppies every 4-6 meals (fed twice daily), see Puppy Barf.

Basic GLOP Recipe
6lb muscle meat
1lb ground turkey
1lb ground turkey, lamb, pork, beef, &/or buffalo
1lb canned mackerel (soft, cooked bone in)
1lb canned salmon
2lb whole ground rabbit (raw, ground bone & organ in)
4lb organ meat
2lb liver - chicken, pork, turkey, &/or beef
2lb pork stomachs or pork brains, beef kidney, &/or green tripe
3lb vegetables
2lbs leafy greens - spinach, kale, mustard g., collard g., turnip g.,  chard, dark green (non-iceberg) lettuce, celery, 
1lb other assorted vegetables
1lb very ripe fruit

Pulverize fruit with juicer.  Re-combine pulp and liquid.  (This is where you can drink some of the juice for YOUR health.) Repeat with veggies.  Add ground or diced meat and organ meat. 

In large mixing bowl, combine dry ingredients:

1 cup kelp (Laminaria and Ascophyllum)
1 cup alfalfa 
1 cup fish meal (Menhaden)
1 cup parsley 
1 cup raspberry seed powder 

Separately combine wet ingredients:

1 cup canned pumpkin 
1 large tub yogurt OR cottage cheese 
10 raw eggs with shells 
cup marine oil
cup extra virgin cold-pressed olive oil 
cup high oleic safflower oil 
1 cup Norwegian cod liver oil 
1 heaping tablespoon minced garlic 

Stir until a uniform meatloaf texture.  Incorporate into meat/veggies so the dogs can't pick out pieces.  In each serving bowl:

400-1000 IU Vitamin E (not to be frozen)
1000-2000 mg Salmon or Fish Oil 

Note: I no longer routinely use ascorbic acid (Vit C) because the vegetables and fruits have many times the required amounts in a NATURAL WHOLE FOOD.  Teething puppies, nursing mothers, and injured/ill animals get daily 500mg chewable Vit C -- just in case.

Note: I no longer use brewer's yeast (B-complex) because the greens, meats, eggs, liver, etc. have more than sufficient amounts.

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