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last updated 11/15/2003


2003 Menus (August 2003)

After 20 months feeding raw and going through the ups, AND DOWNS, and getting bored, and getting tired of the work, and being a little dismayed at the time and money that goes into BARF, I have streamlined my menus.  What I am feeding is still better than kibble.  If it ever falls below that benchmark, I'll go back to kibble.  Until then, here's my Barf-Made-Simple...


How much - 2% for lean, muscled dogs, less for fat dogs, more for skinny dogs.
How often - once/day for adults.  More often for moms, puppies, working-hard-that-day dogs.
Menus - I "plan" 7-day menus.  OK, that's a joke.  I put a sample 7-day menu on the fridge and try to stick to it.  Mostly.  Sometimes.  If balance over time really means what we raw feeders thinks it means, than the avalanche of raw foods my guys get outweighs any inconsistencies or laziness on my part.  
Canned, fresh, pulverized - Canned is easier and cheaper than frozen.  Fresh or frozen is better. but takes more work.  Canned veggies can have added salt - but not as much as kibble.  I don't pulverize anymore.  Poop consistency tells me digestion is just fine.  Dingos and wolves don't have juicers but they are scavengers.  And frankly, there are a lot of people who don't feed veggies at all if they can get whole carcasses (prey-model feeders).
Percentages - drive me nuts.  Whole animals... who knows, who has time to figure it?  So leave it out of the calculations.  Check this out, much easier to remember.

7-Day Menu1

RMB - chicken frames, backs/ribs 25/lb
RMB - pork necks 60/lb
Veggie/Fish Meal with supplements $15
RMB - chicken frames, backs/ribs 25/lb
RMB - turkey wings 60/lb, Lamb Ribs $2/lb
Offal Meal with supplements $15
WHOLE Small Animal $2/lb
1 month, 10 dogs, $240

7-Day Menu2

RMB - chicken backs/ribs w/ some organ meat attached 25/lb
RMB - chicken backs/ribs w/ some organ meat attached 25/lb
RMB - chicken backs/ribs w/ some organ meat attached 25/lb
RMB - chicken quarters (extra muscle meat) 19/lb
Veggie/Offal/Fish Meal with supplements (this is a combo of Veg & Offal Meals) $15 for 15lbs
WHOLE Small Animal or other proteins - whole fish $1.50/lb, whole rabbit $2/lb, ground lamb $4/lb, lamb ribs $2/lb, turkey necks/wings $1/lb, or pork necks 50/lb
Recreational beef bone 10/lb
1 month, 10 dogs, $160

7-Day Menu3

RMB - chicken backs/ribs w/ some organ meat attached 25/lb
RMB - chicken backs/ribs w/ some organ meat attached 25/lb
RMB - chicken backs/ribs w/ some organ meat attached 25/lb
RMB - pork necks 60/lb, turkey wings 60/lb, lamb ribs/necks $2/lb
WHOLE Animal fish $1/lb, rabbit $1/lb, 
Muscle meat - lamb $3/lb, turkey 69/lb, beef $1/lb, fish $1/lb
GLOP - Veggie/Offal/Fish Meal with supplements $15 for 15 lbs

The point is the majority of the meals are RMBs.  Each week they get veggies, fruit, and offal.  Each month, we throw out the menus and bring in a WHOLE LARGE ANIMAL either a goat, deer, or lamb - digestive track removed if at all possible.  The guys are rotated on the carcass.  Usually lasts 3 days.  Also each month we visit a local beef slaughterhouse and bring back enough raw meaty beef knuckles & flat ribs for 3 meals, scattered throughout the month as BONUS meals.

This fall the red coats are not as glossy as I'd like so I'm handing out fish oil caplets several times/week.  Grey and black coats are shiny and sleek.

Recipe Cards

Veggie/Fish Meal

- Green Leafy Vegetables, pick 3 (collards, kale, spinach, turnip, mustard)
- Misc Vegetables, pick 1 (tomatoes, carrots, pumpkin, peas, squash, broccoli, red peppers, etc.)
- Fruit, pick 1 canned or very ripe (blueberries, cantaloupe, strawberries, crushed pineapple, mangos, papaya, mandarin oranges, apples, bananas)
- Fish, pick 3 cans (mackerel, salmon, anchovies, tuna, etc.)

Mix supplements first for easier mixing.  Add veggies, drained or not.  Add fish.  Stir.  Serve

*You'll end up with ABOUT 3lbs greens, 1lb vegetables, 1lb fruit, 3lbs fish, plus supplements.
*"Pick 3" can be all collards, or 1 of each.  But if it's all collards this time, then next time, pick something else.


Offal Meal

- 6lbs pork brains
- 6lbs pork, turkey, lamb, calf, or beef liver (sometimes kidneys)
- Supplements

Mix supplements, add thawed brains, pour liver and blood over top.  Serve.
Liver or kidneys - FILTER organs, not tongue, heart, gizzards which are MUSCLE 


Combo Veg/Offal/Fish

3 large cans misc. greens
1 jar unsweetened applesauce
2lbs cooked sweet potatoes or 2lbs canned pumpkin
3 cans fish
3lbs pork liver

Mix supplements first, add the rest and stir


WHOLE Small Animal

Pick one:

- Fish - smelt, whiting, tilapia, salmon (bone-in; preferably with head & guts)
- rabbit (with skin, with head, with guts)

Serve frozen or thawed.


Weekly Supplements in Glop for 100lb dog

- Vitamin C chewable 500mg
- Vitamin E 200-400IU
- Zinpro (Zinc, B-complex) 1 tsp
- Kelp 1 tsp
- Alfalfa 1 tsp
- Raspberry SEED Powder (aleic acid) 1 tsp
- Eggs 2 each
- Yogurt 1 heaping tbsp/dog
- Cod Liver Oil (Norwegian) 1 tsp
- Arctic Vigor Marine Oil, Fish or Salmon 1 tsp

*Some dogs get the itchies from flax or alfalfa.  
*Some dogs are "picky" and we'll add Menhaden Fish Meal as a flavor enhancer.

Daily Supplements for 100lb dog

After some trouble with my red coats this fall, I've started adding Fish Oil caplets on the non-fish days, or 3x/week.  Greys and Blacks look great.

- Fish Oil Caplet (non-fish days)


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